DMLT Course in Udaipur

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Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT)

Job Role
Medical Technician, Lab Technician, Pathology Technician, Medical Writer (Entry Level)

dmlt course in Udaipur

The curriculum of the DMLT course in Udaipur aims to provide the student with the necessary professional skills to work in a medical lab. The student will develop skills in handling lab equipment, following lab protocols, using personal protective equipment and sterilizing processes, as well as knowledge of medical laboratory regulations and acts.

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    The advent of numerous prospects for medical students has brought things to a conclusion; there is no more requirement to stick to the plan of pursuing an MBBS degree and becoming a doctor. Anyone interested in human biology can become a lab technician or step into Paramedical science. That’s why there is nothing better than pursuing the DMLT course in Udaipur.

    The present healthcare crisis has turned out to be fruitful for the fresh batch of talent who wanted to step into the medical field and contribute their fair share in the health industry. That’s why there is no better time than now to go after unique courses like DMLT. If you think the healthcare industry only comprises doctors treating diseases, it is essential to learn more about Paramedical science and how it plays a significant role in preventing a disease or helping a patient recover from one.

    Here we will give you an in-depth understanding of the DMLT course and how it can benefit medical students pondering their next step in their careers.

    What is a DMLT Course?

    DMLT stands for ‘Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology.’ It is part of the Paramedical Science field that trains and equips students to manage laboratory apparatus to investigate blood samples and body fluids to identify a disease. It is a diploma course meant for students to become medical lab technicians one day.

    There are many things behind a doctor diagnosing and treating a patient from a specific disease. Medical professionals would not be able to identify or analyze a problem if there is no equipment to look inside the body’s mechanism. The DMLT course in Udaipur teaches that to the students.

    When a blood sample is collected from a patient, it is sent into the pathology labs, consisting of MLTs (Medical Laboratory technicians), with technical knowledge of managing the testing equipment. They investigate the blood cells and identify any traces of infection. Finally, the results are converted into a thorough report based on which doctors form a treatment plan. These lab technicians acquire knowledge from the DMLT course.

    Courses under Paramedical Science have been designed to offer job opportunities to the students who are more interested in being part of the medical field but found it hard to make it through the NEET examination and land into a reputed medical college for MBBS. Thus, the best DMLT course in Udaipur gives students knowledge about the investigative side of medical science.

    Let’s look further to find out the eligibility criteria and advantages of pursuing the DMLT course in Udaipur concerning career prospects.

    Eligibility Criteria

    All the best DMLT course in Udaipur has set eligibility criteria for the aspirants that involve

    • Passing the high school examination (10+2) with an aggregate percentage of 50%. Some institutes offering DMLT courses in Udaipur might allow students to qualify for their Senior Secondary Examination (10th Standard).
    • The candidate must be a student of the science stream (Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics)

    Some of the best Institutes for DMLT courses in Udaipur, like Ayush Group of Education, offer two options for DMLT courses:

    • DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology)

    It is a one-year diploma program with a 5-month internship training at the end.

    • ADMLT (Advanced Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology)

    Advanced Diploma is a two-year diploma program with 6 months of internship training at the end.

    Most aspirants look for an affordable way that redirects them towards better career opportunities. That’s why they choose a one-year Diploma program that gets them to secure a good job as soon as they are done acquiring relevant training in a specified time.

    What are the career opportunities after DMLT opportunities?

    The pandemic shook the Indian healthcare system. The scarcity of skilled healthcare workers caused major havoc due to the inability to harness the power of resources and save lives. That’s why the Indian government’s Ayushman Bharat Yojana came out as a necessity during the time of helplessness which now aims at investing the maximum amount on healthcare infrastructure. Recruiting fresh minds and technically skilled people is on their schedule.

    Courses like DMLT are designed to impart soft and technical skills to the students. It is a consistent maneuver from the side of reputed institutes in cities like Udaipur to teach the candidates everything about analyzing the test samples, studying the various laboratory machines, and developing concept-based learning. It would help them become the best medical lab technician and strengthen the contribution of pathology much more in India.

    Here are some of the career opportunities after pursuing the DMLT program:

    • Technicians in research labs
    • Academic Trainers in Universities
    • Writing Journals related to the Medical field in news agencies or websites
    • Lab consultants
    • Medical technicians in Pathology Labs
    • Healthcare Administrators in Hospitals
    • Medical technologist
    • Laboratory testing Manager
    • Medical Officer

    Salary Package & More

    Pursuing a DMLT course can fetch one a decent sum of money. By getting relevant training from the internship program, the candidate gets a detailed view of how things will work in the hospital, medical labs, research labs, etc. Post this, a fresher can expect 2 lakh per annum worth salary, and as their skills and experience begin to increase, the pay scale keeps rising.

    Another essential thing to note is the difference in the pay scale depending on a person’s role after pursuing their diploma. For instance, a research assistant and technologist would be paid much more than a Laboratory Analyst. Candidates get the feasibility to choose a specialization in the diploma program amongst several available options such as:

    • Clinical chemistry
    • Clinical Pathology
    • Hematology
    • Immunology and Immunological Techniques
    • Ultrasonography
    • Microbiology
    • Bacteriology
    • Coagulation
    • Radiology & many more

    Students who are willing to achieve more in the field and acquire more knowledge could certainly study further. There are comprehensive courses available for people who want to learn more about medical lab technology after completing their DMLT. Students can look forward to getting recruited or applying for jobs as lab technicians in research companies that pay a hefty sum to these technicians for analyzing data, statistics, and results from the research done.

    Government Jobs like acting as a technologist in the military also pave the way towards a successful career for candidates. The diploma program for Medical lab technology proves to be beneficial with lucrative opportunities in the future.

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