Yoga Teacher Training Programs (YTTP)

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Yoga Certificate Course in Udaipur

Are you trying to find out how to open your own yoga studio in India and get certification as a yoga teacher? You can achieve this by enrolling in the Yoga Teachers Training Programme offered by the Ayush Group of Education. Find the comprehensive details on the program’s curriculum, eligibility requirements, and application process.

About the Training

The Yoga Teachers Training curriculum is extensive and includes modules that cover almost every aspect of yoga. As a result, you will pick up knowledge starting with the fundamentals of human anatomy and physiology, the principles and philosophy of yoga, and ending with the concepts of diet related to it. You will also learn how to lead yoga courses and acquire the necessary abilities to instruct others.

The study plan includes a 20% learner portfolio, a 50% practical training component, and a 30% theoretical component.

Classes will be held in accredited professional institutes/study centres with hands-on practical training to gain actual knowledge in addition to self-instructional study materials. Where necessary, audio-visual assistance materials will also be offered.

If you complete the programme successfully, you can open your own independent yoga studio or find work at fitness centres, businesses, etc.

Yoga Certificate Course in Udaipur

Course Curriculum

Two professional training papers and three theoretical papers make up the curriculum. The following are the learning modules for the best yoga course in udaipur.

Module 1: Philosophy and Physiology of Yoga (Theory Paper):

  • Lesson 1: Yogic Texts and Yoga
  • Lesson 2: Ashtang Yoga
  • Lesson 3: Yogic Culture & Values Educational

Module 2: Human Body and Diet Cleansing (Theory Paper):

  • Lesson 4: Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Lesson 5: Yogic Diet
  • Lesson 6: Shatkarma

Module 3: Applied Yoga (Theory Paper):

  • Lesson 7: Subtle exercises
  • Lesson 8: Yoga Asanas
  • Lesson 9: Pranayams & Meditation
  • Lesson 10: Yoga for all

Modules 4 and 5: Practical Components

  • Module 4 (Yogic Practice and Training): Yoga Asanas, subtle movements, Pranyams, Suryanamaskar, mantra chanting, etc. are all included.
  • Module 5 Yoga Teaching Skill (Micro/Macro-Teaching Practical/Training Paper): Yoga Teaching Demonstration, floor appearance, handling injuries and safety measures, and other topics are covered.

Eligibility for the Yoga Course

Educational qualification: One should have earned an equivalent degree from any reputable university or board of school education after passing the Class 12 exam, which is the minimum educational requirement.

Age Criteria: One must be at least 18 years old.


You must submit an application for the exam in the format specified in order to take it. The conceptual and practical parts will each be evaluated separately. The final certificate will be provided to you by Ayush Group of Education once you have successfully completed the course. To qualify for certification, you must receive a minimum of 50% on each component individually.

Live a happy life! Transmit Positive Energy

We provide the best yoga course in udaipur and are a licenced yoga school. We think frequent yoga practise significantly improves one’s physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Our school wants to share yoga with people from all walks of life around the world! Become a yoga master by enrolling in YTT in India right away! Start living a happy life today and spreading positive energy!

Start Your Journey With Us

At our yoga training center in Udaipur, we address yoga holistically using yoga classes and seminars that are intended for you to elevate the value of all areas of health and happiness, including physical balance in poses, respiration, deep relaxation, sleep, purifying practises, awareness, and meditation.

We are committed to assisting our pupils in discovering their inner strength and untapped potential. Yoga’s fundamental principle is to promote consciousness in daily life. Our yoga certificate course in Udaipur will improve your mental clarity, tranquilly, and calm. It will improve the quality and freshness of the yoga you do going forward.

Your experience learning yoga will be simple, engaging, and motivating thanks to our distinctive methodology. Our students are better able to retain material thanks to the step-by-step process.

India’s Yoga Teacher Training Program’s Key Points

  • Traveling to discover, practise, share, and transform.
  • Investigate yoga’s philosophy and knowledge.
  • Learn the anatomy and physiology of yoga.
  • Exercise yoga postures, mantra reciting, pranayama, relaxation techniques, and meditation.
  • Live a good life and change yourself.
  • become a licenced yoga instructor.
  • Meet international acquaintances who share your interests.
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced skill levels
Know More About Our Courses
Know More About Our Courses